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Working together towards a business-friendly Serbia!

Welcome to the web page of IBE project!

IBE project improves the regulatory and administrative environment for doing business in the Republic of Serbia as a continual support of the European Union extends for faster and sustainable economic development of our country.

All IBE Project activities are designed to ensure establishment of business-friendly, stimulative, predictive, easier and competitive environment for businesses and creation of the new jobs opportunities for the citizens of Serbia.

Our project’s goals are:

1) ensure effective implementation of administrative procedures related to businesses and establish a system for their permanent optimization;

2) establish a regulatory framework stimulating for businesses;

3) improve the regulation and public policy adoption process.

Yours Truly,

IBE Project Team

Effective implementation of administrative procedures

IBE Project will support establishment and functioning of the United Public Register of Administrative Procedures and Other Business Requirements (UPR), which is a key element for successful digitization of the public administration in the Republic of Serbia and their services which are provided to businesses.

Stimulating regulatory framework for businesses

To improve business environment, IBE Project team will draft a proposal for a sustainable and more favorable tax regime, based on our Study of Tax Burdens for Businesses including total tax compliance costs for businesses which operate in Serbia.

Improved regulatory and public policy adoption process

IBE Project aims are to increase participation of businesses in adoption of relevant regulations and public policies and provide updates to the Action Plan for Improving Business Environment. Our goal is also establishing an effective monitoring mechanism for the impact of regulation which affect businesses.